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Unique tool that provides health practitioners with valuable information on interactions between drugs and foods or supplements. In addition it provides information about which nutrients are depleted in your body as a result of consuming drugs over a period of time and which food sources to favor in order to replenish them.

Drug Info
Accurate and trustworthy information on over 3000 prescription and OTC drugs
Any unwanted interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and food or food supplements
Nutrients Depleted
Any decrease in vitamins or minerals that is a caused by medication
Food Sources
Which foods you should favor to replenish all your body needs


Save Time
Stop wasting time roaming the internet for information to aid your patients. Find everything you need in one place.
Accurate & Reliable
All the information has been vetted by our MD supervisors, nutritionists and naturopaths. Provide your patients with educated recommendation regarding their diet and nutrition.
Integrative Medicine Disciplines
Harness the correlation between Western Medicine and Traditional Medicine to offer your patients the best treatment possible.
Get info on more than 3000 prescription drugs, that update regularly. Access the database whenever you want from wherever you are.

About Us

Body Balancer is a real time decision support system for clinicians and pharmacists to better advise their clients.

We believe that to best treat patients, health practitioners must have a vast amount of information spanning from traditional to modern medicine. We created a one stop solution to bridge the gap of knowledge with trustworthy and easy to use self-service diagnostics tools.

Our mission is to make accurate and trustworthy medical information accessible to everyone. Instead of scanning the web for scraps of information, you’ll find everything you need right here, and be sure it has been vetted by our MD supervisors, nutritionists and naturopaths.

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The Team

Amir Perelman
Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
A renowned specialist in integrative medicine, medicinal herbs and nutrition. Leads the R&D team at Body Balancer Pro L.T.D. Amir is also the Chief instructor and founder of Medical Qigong Israel a school for chinese energetic medicine. Since 2016 Amir is the main formulator of E.B.R Herbal remedies and works in cooperation with leading Israeli health practitioners in the fields of traditional chinese medicine, ayurveda, herbalism, nutrition and western medicine.
Shalhevet Helfman
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Shalhevet leads the technological vision and responsible for implementing technological strategies at Body Balancer Pro L.T.D since its inception. She holds a B.Sc degree in computer science and has over 20 years of extensive experience in leading and driving complex technological solutions for companies at various industries. She has specialized in managing and architecting advanced Business Intelligence solutions at big enterprise companies in the USA for over 10 years.
Yonatan Kliger
Naturopathic / Clinical Herbalist,
N.D, Cl.H, B.Sc EE, MBA
Naturopathic / Clinical Herbalist,
N.D, Cl.H, B.Sc EE, MBA
Yonatan is a graduate of Reidman College as a naturopath and a clinical herbalist. He also holds academic degrees in Engineering, Nutrition and MBA with 20 years of experience in chip design and leading teams of engineers. Yonatan incorporates his extensive experience as a clinical and technical advisor at Body Balancer Pro. In addition, he owns a clinic at Moshav Betzet specializing in nutrition, aromatherapy, herbalism and supplementation as well as acts as an advisor for botanical formulation at E.B.R Herbal Remedies.
Karen Mellen Sarussi
Naturopathic N.D, Primary,
Clinical Herbalist Cl.H
Naturopathic N.D, Primary,
Clinical Herbalist Cl.H
Karen is a graduate of Karkur College and works at Body Balancer Pro as a primary Naturopathic since 2017. She owns a private clinic for over a decade and specializes in headaches and migraines. Karen ran the Nutrition Supplements Department as primary Naturopathic of Teva Karkur - A health compound for 6 years. She also served as a senior assistant at Karkur College and Broshim College in numerous courses
Inbal Liv Perez
Naturopathic N.D,
Clinical Herbalist Cl.H
Naturopathic N.D,
Clinical Herbalist Cl.H
Inbal is a graduate of Reidman College of Integrative Medicine and is an advanced Reflexology and Iridology practitioner. She owns a clinic in Harish and at the Sharon Medical Center in Kfar Saba and a medical representative of a leading herbal company. Her professional training in Naturopathy includes nutritional therapy, herbal therapy, iridology, reflexology, bach flowers, aromatherapy and guided imagery.


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